Aikawa Oma Port and Fukiage Coast Route on foot

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  • Beginners
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  • 1 – 10 people
  • 2 – 3 hours

Aikawa Oma Port and Fukiage Coast Route on foot

In this walking course, we will learn about the history of the Aikawa Gold and Silver Mines and look for stones that were used to grind ore. If you want to have something sweet, you can stop by Kisuke, a confectionery with a variety of Japanese and Western options. You can also enjoy sweets in the eat-in space. When walking on the coast, you'll find many exposed and sometimes jagged rocks, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to move in.

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  • Kirarium Sado
  • 1Oma Port
  • 2Senjojiki Coast
  • 3Fukiage Coast

Kirarium Sado

Before we start the tour, let’s get a basic understanding of the Sado Gold and Silver Mines. The Kirarium Sado guidance facility is the perfect place to start!

This facility is a gateway for visiting Sado Gold and Silver Mines. A theater introduces the story of gold and silver production in an easy-to-understand way, and an exhibition center shows the history of the mines from the modern period to the present day. An entrance fee is required.

Comprehensive understanding of the history of mine development

1Oma Port

Port used for transporting ores, coal, and other mining-related materials

This port, constructed during the Meiji period, was used solely for mining-related shipping of ore, coal, and other materials. As concrete was not yet available, the port was constructed with a material called tataki, a mixture of slaked lime, mud and sand. The port is accessible by car.

Historical structures at a port where ores were shipped since the Meiji period

2Senjojiki Coast

Scenic coast where visitors can see lava flows from long ago

Visitors can observe lava flows from a time when Japan and Sado Island were still connected to the Asian continent, approximately 20 million years ago. Observe a flat area on the coast called Senjojiki, which was created by uplift of the former seafloor.

Famous scenic spot since the Meiji period

3Fukiage Coast

Rocks used for millstones to grind ore

Rocks formed by volcanic activity can be found on this coast and were used as millstones in the Aikawa Gold and Silver Mines. The quarry site is on this coast.

These stones, with an eyeball-like pattern, were indispensable for the mine.

Kisuke Confectionery

Popular local shop with Japanese and Western sweets

Located near Oma Port, Kisuke confectionery is a popular local shop. You can choose from a variety of Japanese and Western sweets. There is a small eat-in space inside the shop. Grab some sweets on the way back from Fukiage Coast.

Take a stroll in a geopark!