Ogi Peninsula Moto-ogi Route

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Why are there tub boats in the Ogi area?

Tub boats are small vessels found uniquely on the Ogi Peninsula of Sado Island. Go and discover the reasons for yourself.

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  • 1Spring Water/Pillow Lava
  • 2Yajima/Kyojima
  • Moto-ogi Car Park

1Spring Water / Pillow Lava

Kobo Water (spring water)

On the Ogi Peninsula, water bubbles up in various places. One site, Kobo Water, is being used by locals for laundry and taking the dirt off vegetables. The water was also fed into motor sailers for drinking water around 1950.

Pillow Lava

When lava erupting from an underwater volcano flows out layer upon layer, rounded pillow shapes are formed. The structure looks like a pile of pillows and features numerous little bubble holes. Kobo Water seeps up through the holes of lava rock, including pillow lava.

2Yajima / Kyojima

Yajima (literally: arrow isle) is a great source of high-quality Japanese arrow bamboo (Pseudosasa Japonica). Kyojima (literally: mantra isle) is where Nichiro, a senior disciple of Nichiren (Buddhist monk), drifted to and spent a night chanting mantras because of a storm. He was delivering discharge papers for Nichiren, who had been exiled to Sado.

Trail Path

A trail path, made from rocks uplifted by the earthquake several hundreds years ago, goes around both Yajima and Kyojima. The uplifted seabed was eroded by waves and made flat, so today, the flat surface makes a path to walk on.

Proof of Underwater Volcanoes

When walking on the paths of Yajima and Kyojima, you may find black rocks. They were produced by eruptions of submarine volcanoes more than 10 million years ago. You may also notice black grains of sand around the rock. That is because the black rocks eroded and layers of sand built up in the surrounding area.

Let's walk on ground formed by underwater volcanoes and the force of waves.


Tub Boat Ride

Tub boats, taraibune, are also called hangiri (literally: half cut). You can find many rocks formed by lava that erupted from submarine volcanoes. The sea around the Ogi area is shallow and rocky, and the area has a complex coastline. Thus, these tub boats that can easily be maneuvered in small spaces are being used to catch fish.

Yajima Taiken Koryukan (experience & exchange center) Information


365-1, Ogi, Sado, Niigata 952-0605




8:30 am – 5:00 pm (*Tub boat ride reception until 4:30 pm)


Adults: 500 JPY / Children: 300 JPY
*Booking is not required for a tub boat ride. Come to the boarding area.
*A group of more than 10 people must book in advance.

From our geo-guide

Yajima/Kyojima is a famous spot on Sado for tub boat rides. If you see the landscape from the point of view of a geopark, you will know why tub boats are being used in the Ogi area. Come out and walk with us!

Take a stroll in a geopark!